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The FD list has shut down and been replaced with a spiritual successor here. As such the following document exists purely for historical interest.

[Full-Disclosure] Mailing List Charter

John Cartwright <>

Introduction & Purpose

This document serves as a charter for the [Full-Disclosure] mailing list hosted at

The list was created on 9th July 2002 by Len Rose, and is primarily concerned with security issues and their discussion. The list is administered by John Cartwright.

The Full-Disclosure list is hosted and sponsored by Secunia.

Subscription Information

Subscription/unsubscription may be performed via the HTTP interface located at

Alternatively, commands may be emailed to, send the word 'help' in either the message subject or body for details.

Moderation & Management

The [Full-Disclosure] list is unmoderated. Typically posting will be restricted to members only, however the administrators may choose to accept submissions from non-members based on individual merit and relevance.

It is expected that the list will be largely self-policing, however in special circumstances (eg spamming, misappropriation) then offending members may be removed from the list by the management.

An archive of postings is available at

Acceptable Content

Any information pertaining to vulnerabilities is acceptable, for instance announcement and discussion thereof, exploit techniques and code, related tools and papers, and other useful information.

Gratuitous advertisement, product placement, or self-promotion is forbidden. Disagreements, flames, arguments, and off-topic discussion should be taken off-list wherever possible.

Humour is acceptable in moderation, providing it is inoffensive. Politics should be avoided at all costs.

Members are reminded that due to the open nature of the list, they should use discretion in executing any tools or code distributed via this list.

Posting Guidelines

The primary language of this list is English. Members are expected to maintain a reasonable standard of netiquette when posting to the list.

Quoting should not exceed that which is necessary to convey context, this is especially relevant to members subscribed to the digested version of the list.

The use of HTML is discouraged, but not forbidden. Signatures will preferably be short and to the point, and those containing 'disclaimers' should be avoided where possible.

Attachments may be included if relevant or necessary (e.g. PGP or S/MIME signatures, proof-of-concept code, etc) but must not be active (in the case of a worm, for example) or malicious to the recipient.

Vacation messages should be carefully configured to avoid replying to list postings. Offenders will be excluded from the mailing list until the problem is corrected.

Members may post to the list by emailing Do not send subscription/unsubscription mails to this address, use the -request address mentioned above.

Charter Additions/Changes

The list charter will be published at

In addition, the charter will be posted monthly to the list by the management.

Alterations will be made after consultation with list members and a consensus has been reached.