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If you find yourself without the showrev(1M) command after a core install then here's how to get it back:
The command itself is part of the SUNWadmc package, but it also requires and friends from the SUNWadmfw package too.

If you have your installation CDs to hand, and are working on a local machine, then installation should be as trivial as running:

pkgadd -d /cdrom/cdrom0/s2/Solaris_8/Product SUNWadmc SUNWadmfw

but in the case of a remote install, simply spool the packages off a local system:

pkgadd -s /tmp/SUNWadmc -d /cdrom/cdrom0/s2/Solaris_8/Product SUNWadmc
pkgadd -s /tmp/SUNWadmfw -d /cdrom/cdrom0/s2/Solaris_8/Product SUNWadmfw

.. then transfer them to the remote host and execute

pkgadd -d SUNWadmc
pkgadd -d SUNWadmfw

from the directory containing the spooled packages.

Incidently, this program is also required for Sun's patchdiag tool to work properly, too.

NB: Astute reader Dr David Kirby pointed out that there are additional dependencies such as SUNWcsl and SUNWlibC.
These are required for dynamic library support and the C runtime library itself.

Using ldd(1) from the SUNWtoo package is ideal for troubleshooting in this situation.

John Cartwright <>