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The following articles were originally published at Some of this content has been subsequently amended.

24th May 2003 - Protecting Solaris with ProPolice/SSP (related files here)
How to build a version of GCC for the Sparc and x86 architectures that produces 32-bit executables with Stack-Smashing Protection.

14th February 2003 - SSH Implementation Interoperability
A brief guide to managing the conversion of SSH keys between various vendor implementations.

16th July 2002 - Securing Zone Transfers With Bind 9
This brief article explains how to enable cryptographically-signed zone transfers when using Bind 9.

2nd April 2002 - Sendmail: Removing Root as an Exposed User
This article explains how to remove 'root' from Class E in sendmail. In other words, how to stop 'root' from being 'exposed' as a user name when masquerading.

26th March 2002 - Sample drive failure: Compaq SmartArray 5300/Solaris 8 x86
Sample syslog messages caused by drive failure in a RAID controlled by a Compaq SmartArray 5300 series controller (solaris 8 x86).

17th March 2002 - PCI Surgery with /etc/path_to_inst
How to renumber your PCI devices in a Solaris Environment - In our case, removing references to an old network card.

27th June 2001 - showrev(1M) missing on Solaris 8
How to install the showrev(1M) command if it is missing (Solaris 8)

11th June 2001 - Implementing the SMTP AUTH Command
This document clearly outlines the steps required to create a copy of Sendmail that implements the SMTP AUTH command (see RFC 2554).